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First in-process temperature profiling system for vacuum coating of CIGS photovoltaic panels

mayo 13, 2014

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq provides a dedicated temperature profiling solution for the manufacture of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic panels. The new addition to Datapaq's proven SolarPaq range is the first in-line solution for this vacuum coating process which until now has been very difficult and costly to measure. Employing an all-new thermal protection technology, the SolarPaq system takes measurements from the glass substrate as it passes through the multi-chamber coating process. The protective thermal barrier features a series of reflective surfaces and a central heat sink; this combination ensures continued consistent performance in vacuum applications while eliminating the possibility of outgassing into the process.

Datapaq system for high-vacuum high-temperature coating applications Figure: Innovative temperature measuring technology helps set up photovoltaics processes quickly and easily

At 35 mm high and 105 mm wide, the barrier can be placed in a small pocket within the glass carrier, enabling profiling runs to be conducted without disrupting normal production flow. Inside is a rugged data logger with intelligent battery management and memory for up to 32,000 readings per channel. Attached to the logger, four mineral insulated thermocouples accurately measure the temperature directly from the glass surface - even when the plasma is active. The accompanying Solar Insight software is tailored to the photovoltaic industry and contains a number of process-specific analysis features. Wizards are available to guide users step by step through data display and full analysis. This user-friendly way to quickly obtain accurate data saves time and money when setting up or fine-tuning production.
The CIGS system is one of a family of three thermal profiling systems designed by Datapaq specifically for use in high-vacuum high-temperature coating applications ranging in height from 18 to 35 mm and with four and six-channel data loggers.

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