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Food Insight software now with enhanced lethality calculation

marzo 25, 2014

Cambridge, UK – Responding to customer feedback, Datapaq releases Food Insight 7.3 with many new features and enhancements that make temperature profiling and managing of heating and cooling processes easier and more efficient. The new software version can perform multiple food lethality (F0/Pu value, D-value) calculations simultaneously. An optimization tool predicts the effect of parameter changes on the process, enabling users to set up safe, HACCP-compliant processes without repeated trial runs. Thus, the energy savings or higher yield resultant from temperature adjustments or line speed increase can be reaped without compromising food safety. In addition to the established safe memory and comprehensive report and documentation options, the update supports real-time export of data via OPC ("Open Platform Communications"). This option enables customers to use live process data to potentially trigger / manage processes or actions associated with their specific operations.

Datapaq Food Insight software image Figure: A new process optimization tool helps set-up HACCP-compliant heating and cooling processes without repeated trial runs

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