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NADCAP AMS 2750 compliant temperature monitoring for aerospace furnace surveys

septiembre 17, 2013
Cambridge, UK - Manufacturers of ceramic molds for aerospace superalloys have to conduct regular furnace surveys to verify that reheat furnaces comply with the NADCAP AMS 2750 specification. Requirements for temperature sensors and analysis systems are also laid down by the industry standard. Datapaq is one of the few providers of temperature monitoring solutions who can ensure AMS 2750E compliance. The company has designed a dedicated solution for reheat furnaces that provides exact, real-time temperature data from inside the process. A high-temperature barrier protects a Tpaq21 data logger with an internal radio transmitter. The customized thermal barrier is suitable for repeated use in the furnace surveys which take up to eight hours and reach maximum temperatures of 1,250 °C. The accompanying software generates AMS 2750E compliant process reports. The Datapaq solution enables energy savings through the optimization of furnace parameters. Maintenance efforts and downtimes are also reduced.

Temperature monitoring from inside reheat furnaces

Figure: Full temperature profile and AMS 2750E compliant documentation: new thermal barrier from Datapaq enables temperature monitoring from inside reheat furnaces

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